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Guzman, Flavio
USC College Advisor
Ramirez, Adam
Zaroyan, Maria
College Empowerment School Social Worker

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Habit of mind In Focus

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USC College Advising Corps

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USC Upward Bound

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UCLA EAOP Informational Partner

East Los Angeles College Speech Class Offered at Jefferson

Democrats Earn College Credit & Complete Transfer Requirement

100k Youth Opportunity & Career Fair at the LA Convention Center

Parent Workshop: College 101

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Let's share the news: Turn in acceptances to be announced here!

Celebrating College Signing Day with

Local District Central, TJHS Alumni, and

the Demo Family!

Impressive Fast Facts about TJHS College Going Culture!!

Key indicators of College Going Culture


            Are students applying to colleges?

                        2017-2018 Academic Year

100% of four-year eligible students applied for a four-year university!



89% of all seniors applied for financial aid to support their college career! (surpassed district goal by 21%!)

87% of students were admitted to a college or university!

Jefferson Continues College Connection Partnership with Pepperdine University

College Center Events

Class of 2017 College Admissions

ISMAEL A.  Alaska Pacific University
CAROL R.  California Lutheran University
SAMANTHA D.  Cal Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
ERICA G.  California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
STEPHANIE P.  California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
JOANNA R.  California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
JOSE A.  CSU-Bakersfield
Ismael A.  CSU-Bakersfield
PERLA B.  CSU-Bakersfield
JOSE G.  CSU-Bakersfield
SAMANTHA Z.  CSU-Bakersfield
JUSTIN F.  CSU-Channel Islands
JULIO G.  CSU-Channel Islands
KIMBERLYN G.  CSU-Channel Islands
URIEL M.  CSU-Channel Islands
CARLOS S.  CSU-Channel Islands
EDWIN V.  CSU-Channel Islands
LESLIE A.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
RODOLFO A.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
DOLORES B.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
PERLA B.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
KASIE B.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
JERRY C.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
RUBY D.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
MANUEL F.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
CHRISTOPHER G.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
ASHLEY G.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
JOSE G.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
MELANY G.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
GUILLERMO G.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
NICOLE H.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
JOSHUA H.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
JOSE H.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
MIGUEL L.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
STEPHANIE M.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
URIEL M.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
GUADALUPE N.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
ARACELY O.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
LESLY R.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
JOANNA R.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
CARLOS S.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
CYNTHIA S.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
MARYLYN T.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
EDWIN V.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
SAMANTHA Z.  CSU-Dominguez Hills
ERICA G.  CSU-Fullerton
SIXTO M.  CSU-Fullerton
LESLY R.  CSU-Fullerton
CAROL R.  CSU-Fullerton
CARLOS S.  CSU-Fullerton
DOLORES B.  CSU-Long Beach
RODRIGO A.  CSU-Los Angeles
DAVID A.  CSU-Los Angeles
STEVE A.  CSU-Los Angeles
MARIO A.  CSU-Los Angeles
RODOLFO A.  CSU-Los Angeles
JOSE A.  CSU-Los Angeles
WILLIAM A.  CSU-Los Angeles
PERLA B.  CSU-Los Angeles
KASIE B.  CSU-Los Angeles
VANESSA C.  CSU-Los Angeles
JENNIFER C.  CSU-Los Angeles
ITZAMA C.  CSU-Los Angeles
JERRY C.  CSU-Los Angeles
ALEXIS C.  CSU-Los Angeles
LEONELA C.  CSU-Los Angeles
ASHLEY E.  CSU-Los Angeles
MANUEL F.  CSU-Los Angeles
LESLIE G.  CSU-Los Angeles
SOFIA G.  CSU-Los Angeles
ASHLEY G.  CSU-Los Angeles
JULIO G.  CSU-Los Angeles
ERICA G.  CSU-Los Angeles
MELANY G.  CSU-Los Angeles
BEATRICE H.  CSU-Los Angeles
HECTOR H.  CSU-Los Angeles
LILY H.  CSU-Los Angeles
NICOLE H.  CSU-Los Angeles
JOSHUA H.  CSU-Los Angeles
JOSE H.  CSU-Los Angeles
MIGUEL L.  CSU-Los Angeles
NANCY L.  CSU-Los Angeles
LUIS M.  CSU-Los Angeles
KEVIN M.  CSU-Los Angeles
SIXTO M.  CSU-Los Angeles
URIEL M.  CSU-Los Angeles
GERARDO N.  CSU-Los Angeles
VALERY O.  CSU-Los Angeles
ARACELY O.  CSU-Los Angeles
CRISTIAN P.  CSU-Los Angeles
NINIVE P.  CSU-Los Angeles
ANDY R.  CSU-Los Angeles
KELVIN R.  CSU-Los Angeles
JOANNA R.  CSU-Los Angeles
JONATHAN R.  CSU-Los Angeles
CAROL R.  CSU-Los Angeles
JESSICA R.  CSU-Los Angeles
TROY S.  CSU-Los Angeles
MARYLYN T.  CSU-Los Angeles
LAURA T.  CSU-Los Angeles
JENNIFER V.  CSU-Los Angeles
EDWIN V.  CSU-Los Angeles
MARIA V.  CSU-Los Angeles
DOLORES B.  CSU-Northridge
ERICA G.  CSU-Northridge
GUILLERMO G.  CSU-Northridge
BEATRICE H.  CSU-Northridge
JOSE H.  CSU-Northridge
LUIS M.  CSU-Northridge
SIXTO M.  CSU-Northridge
STEPHANIE M.  CSU-Northridge
URIEL M.  CSU-Northridge
STEPHANIE P.  CSU-Northridge
JOANNA R.  CSU-Northridge
CAROL R.  CSU-Northridge
DANIELA S.  CSU-Northridge
Alejandro Y.  CSU-Northridge
SAMANTHA Z.  CSU-Northridge
Ismael A.  CSU-San Bernardino
CHRISTOPHER G.  CSU-San Bernardino
BEATRICE H.  Cazenovia College
BEATRICE H.  College of Saint Elizabeth
Alejandro Y.  College of the Canyons
DANIEL S.  Colorado State University-Fort Collins
WILLIAM A.  Concordia University-Irvine
RUBY D.  Concordia University-Irvine
ASHLEY E.  Concordia University-Irvine
ERICA G.  Concordia University-Irvine
BEATRICE H.  Concordia University-Irvine
URIEL M.  Concordia University-Irvine
BEATRICE H.  Dominican University of California
SAMANTHA D.  Florida Institute of Technology
Rosaisela M.  Fullerton College
BEATRICE H.  Hartwick College
SAMANTHA Z.  Holy Names University
STEVE A.  Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale
DANIELA S.  Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale
Alejandro Y.  Los Angeles Mission College
RAMON A.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
ALEXANDER A.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
RODOLFO A.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
CIELITO A.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
FRANCISCO A.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
ABRAHAM B.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
JONATHAN B.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
BRIAN D.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
RUBY D.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
AYLIN D.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
RAFAEL D.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
Maria E.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
ITZEL F.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
LINCY G.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
JENIFER G.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
MARVYN G.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
KIMBERLYN G.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
JASMINE H.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
ESKARY H.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
MARIANA L.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
ARTURO M.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
JANET M.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
YAHIR O.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
BRISEL R.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
EDUARDO R.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
NAYELI S.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
JESUS S.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
JESUS S.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
DANIELA S.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
LUIS V.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
ABRAHAM V.  Los Angeles Trade Technical College
Alejandro Y.  Los Angeles Valley College
TROY S.  Manchester College
STEVE A.  Marymount California University
RODOLFO A.  Marymount California University
DOLORES B.  Marymount California University
KASIE B.  Marymount California University
JENNIFER C.  Marymount California University
RUBY D.  Marymount California University
ASHLEY E.  Marymount California University
LESLIE G.  Marymount California University
CHRISTOPHER G.  Marymount California University
JOSE G.  Marymount California University
ERICA G.  Marymount California University
MELANY G.  Marymount California University
BEATRICE H.  Marymount California University
JASMINE H.  Marymount California University
JOSE H.  Marymount California University
WAYLYNN J.  Marymount California University
ADALBERTO J.  Marymount California University
ALEJANDRO L.  Marymount California University
LUIS M.  Marymount California University
SIXTO M.  Marymount California University
URIEL M.  Marymount California University
ARACELY O.  Marymount California University
STEPHANIE P.  Marymount California University
NINIVE P.  Marymount California University
JOANNA R.  Marymount California University
CAROL R.  Marymount California University
CYNTHIA S.  Marymount California University
DANIEL S.  Marymount California University
TROY S.  Marymount California University
CAMERON S.  Marymount California University
OSMAN V.  Marymount California University
EDWIN V.  Marymount California University
JOHN CHRISTIAN V.  Marymount California University
MARIA V.  Marymount California University
SAMANTHA Z.  Marymount California University
STEVE A.  Menlo College
WILLIAM A.  Menlo College
MANUEL F.  Menlo College
JUSTIN F.  Menlo College
CHRISTOPHER G.  Menlo College
MELANY G.  Menlo College
URIEL M.  Menlo College
ANDY R.  Menlo College
DANIEL S.  Menlo College
TROY S.  Menlo College
MARYLYN T.  Menlo College
JOHN CHRISTIAN V.  Menlo College
KASIE B.  Mount St Mary's University
ASHLEY E.  Mount St Mary's University
BEATRICE H.  Mount St Mary's University
CYNTHIA S.  Mount St Mary's University
STEVE A.  New England College
LESLY R.  Northern Arizona University
DOLORES B.  Notre Dame de Namur University
MELANY G.  Notre Dame de Namur University
LESLIE A.  Regent University
STEPHANIE M.  Regent University
MIGUEL L.  Saint Louis University-Main Campus
BEATRICE H.  San Francisco State University
STEPHANIE M.  San Francisco State University
SAMANTHA D.  San Jose State University
ASHLEY G.  San Jose State University
Ismael A.  Santa Monica College
EDWIN V.  Simpson College
EDWIN V.  Spring Hill College
ERICA G.  UC Davis
LILY H.  UC Davis
LESLIE A.  UC Los Angeles
STEPHANIE M.  UC Los Angeles
JUSTIN F.  UC Riverside
SIXTO M.  UC Riverside
JOANNA R.  UC Riverside
CAROL R.  UC Riverside
DOLORES B.  UC Santa Barbara
SIXTO M.  UC Santa Barbara
MIGUEL L.  UC Merced
URIEL M.  UC Merced
KASIE B.  University of Great Falls
ERICA G.  University of La Verne
JOANNA R.  University of La Verne
WILLIAM A.  University of San Francisco
TROY S.  University of San Francisco
JENNIFER C.  University of the Pacific
CHRISTOPHER G.  Western New England University
DOLORES B.  Whittier College
MANUEL F.  Whittier College
LUIS F.  Whittier College
LUIS M.  Whittier College
SIXTO M.  Whittier College
CAROL R.  Whittier College
TROY S.  Whittier College
LESLIE A.  Woodbury University
ASHLEY E.  Woodbury University
JOSE H.  Woodbury University