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Democrat Boys Varsity and JV Baseball

Varsity Spring 2019 Schedule and Scores

Date Time Sport Level Opponent  Game Type 
2/28/19 02:15PM Baseball Varsity @Eagle Rock Non-League
3/6/19 02:30PM Baseball Varsity Los Angeles CES Non-League
3/13/19 02:00PM Baseball Varsity Elizabeth LC Non-League
3/20/19 03:00PM Baseball Varsity @Gardena Non-League
3/27/19 05:00PM Baseball Varsity @Santee EC League
3/29/19 02:00PM Baseball Varsity Santee EC League
4/3/19 05:00PM Baseball Varsity @West Adams Prep League
4/5/19 02:00PM Baseball Varsity West Adams Prep League
4/8/19 02:00PM Baseball Varsity Diego Rivera League
4/10/19 02:00PM Baseball Varsity @Diego Rivera League
4/24/19 03:00PM Baseball Varsity @Fremont Non-League
4/24/19 03:00PM Baseball Varsity @Hawkins, Augustus Non-League
5/1/19 05:00PM Baseball Varsity @Maya Angelou League
5/3/19 02:00PM Baseball Varsity Maya Angelou League


For up to date scores, click here.

Democrat Girls Varsity Softball

Spring 2018 Schedule and Scores

Date Time Opponent  Home Team Facility Game Type 
3/13/19 04:00PM Diego Rivera Jefferson Diego Rivera League
3/15/19 04:00PM West Adams Prep Jefferson West Adams Prep League
3/20/19 04:00PM @Santee EC Santee EC   League
3/22/19 02:15PM Maya Angelou Jefferson Ross Snyder Recreation Center League
3/27/19 02:30PM Manual Arts Jefferson Manual Arts League
4/3/19 02:30PM @Los Angeles Los Angeles Queen Anne Park League
4/5/19 04:00PM @Diego Rivera Diego Rivera   League
4/10/19 04:00PM @West Adams Prep West Adams Prep   League
4/12/19 04:00PM Santee EC Jefferson Santee League
4/24/19 04:00PM @Maya Angelou Maya Angelou South Park Recreation Center League
4/26/19 02:30PM @Manual Arts Manual Arts   League
5/3/19 02:30PM Los Angeles Jefferson Queen Anne Park League


For up to date scores click here.

Demo Spotlight: Rudy & Mario Amezqua

We would like to congratulate Rudy and Mario Amezqua on making the ALL CITY BASEBALL TEAM and playing their hearts out this year. Despite losing by only 1 run in the semi-finals we are extremely proud of our Demos on making it all the way to the playoffs.