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Student Resources

Transcripts, DACA, & Diplomas

Staff Locker
8/14/19 1:28 AM


Contact Roberto Barajas  Roberto Barajas Assistant Principal
Contact Evin Capel  Evin Capel Psychiatric Social Worker
Contact Suceli Diaz  Suceli Diaz PSA Counselor
Contact Amparo Kelly Torres  Amparo Kelly Torres School Psychologist
Contact Nancy Martin  Nancy Martin Career Counselor
Contact Adam Ramirez  Adam Ramirez Academic Counselor
Contact Jose Ramos  Jose Ramos A-G Counselor
Contact Andrea Schwartz  Andrea Schwartz School Transformation Facilitator
Contact Shantay Thompson  Shantay Thompson Academic Counselor
Contact Brittany Woods  Brittany Woods PSA Counselor

Counseling Staff

Assistant Principal of School Counseling, Secondary

Mr. Barajas


Academic Counselors

Ms. Thompson- Students with last name A-L

Mr. Ramirez-Students with last name M-Z


Attendance Counselor

Ms. Woods

Ms. Diaz


Diploma Project Counselors

Mr. Ramos


Career Counselor

Mrs. Martin

California A-G Requirements
A-G Reqs

IGP Resources

Click here for IGP resources

habit of Mind In Focus
habit of Mind In Focus
Be Aware
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