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Parent Information - Informacion para Padres

Healthy Habits for Families Workshops
Information and Prevention update for Coronavirus (covid 19)
  Elsa Gutierrez TSP/Title 1 Coordinator
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How to support your child at home.

Education is more than just math, English and science. Your child’s talents lie in sport, art, music, drama, computers, or anything else, you can always help them aim high by boosting their confidence:

  • Encourage them to join after-school clubs or activities.
  • Tell your child how proud you are when they do well.
  • Let them hear you praising them to other people.
  • Talk together about their future and the kind of job they think they would enjoy.
  • Ask them to help you with things they are good at.
  • Help your child to find someone to look up to; a relative, friend or celebrity.
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