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Restorative Justice

What is Restorative Justice in Schools?


Restorative Justice is a “philosophy and approach to discipline that moves away from ensure accountability and break the cycle of retribution and violence” ( Alfed, 2010).


The following Principles of Restorative Justice provide the foundation of what we are implementing here at Jefferson High School:


1. Acknowledge that relationships are essential to building a successful school community.


2. Build systems that address student misconduct and harm in a a way that strengthens relationships and focus on the harm done rather than focusing on the rule broken.


3. Utilize Restorative Practices School-wide to manage behavior such as Community Building Circles, Restorative Conferences, Restorative Language


a. Example of Affective “ I” statements- “ John, I feel concerned when I see you walking the halls.”


LAUSD Discipline Foundation Website