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Susan Ferguson

AP Psychology

"We Have not come very far, we have so far to go."

I see a friend, possibly a brother... fighting for the very thing he was never promised: justice. He could be anywhere: a Sunday in 1965 in Selma, Los Angeles in 1992, the streets of Baltimore during the spring of 2015... In this photo I witness outrage, grace, and courage...It is the look of someone tired of having a knee on his neck. -Jason Parham

How response to george floyd's death reflects 'accumulated grievance' of black america

So, here we are in the moment in which we're dealing with a global pandemic, trying to figure out how to live under these conditions. And we still have to deal with the fact that our children, that our family members, that our friends can be murdered by the police.

It makes living hard. It makes it difficult, in a moment that's already difficult and hard.

I don't think we can wait on those who are invested in the idea of whiteness to change. If we do that, we're going to lose another generation, those who are invested in the idea of America as a white nation in the vein of old Europe clinging to those commitments.

And in — and in the interim, we keep losing people. Those of us who are — who have learned the lessons of our history, those of us who want to imagine America differently, we have to start building a world where those kinds of beliefs have no corner to breathe.

Vice President Biden needed to say, what we need to do is hold police accountable, what we need to do is decriminalize, right, a whole host of actions that force these encounters. We need to change the way police see black men and women, right, which is rooted in a deep cultural ethos. We need to address the fundamental underlying conditions of resource-deprived communities, where people don't have a living wage, where they don't have decent education, where they don't have decent housing.

All of this is rooted in this belief that America is a white nation. If we have to wait on those folk who are committed to that, America will continue to be this ugly place.

So, I believe, in my heart of hearts, that you and I and those of us who are committed to a more just America, a new America, we have to get about the business of building it now.

COVID has changed everything, has changed everything. We can't go back to what was. We can't allow people to double down on their ugly commitments. We have to finally muster the courage to build a new America, or this thing will go to hell.

-Eddie S. Glaude Jr., PBS Newshour 05/29/2020

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