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Enrollment requires permission from the student's high school Counselor.


Graphic Production Technologies

Industry Sector:

Manufacturing and Product Development Sector

Graphic Communications



This competency-based course is the first in a sequence of four in the graphic communications program. It provides introductory instruction and technical experience in pre-press, presswork, and post-press operations. This course includes an orientation, workplace safety, written English skills, graphic communications mathematics, computer pre-press basics, design basics and analysis, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, layout, plates, paper, ink, offset press basics, digital printing, finishing and binding, employability skills, and entrepreneurial skills. The competencies in this course are aligned with the California High School Academic Content Standards and the California CareerTechnical Education Model Curriculum Standards


Unit One Project:

Southpark Characters

After students  learned the essentials of illustrator. They learned how to make basic logos and characters using only shapes & color. It was their turn to create their own character! They had to create their own south park character only using shapes and color.They could create their character however they wanted, but the characteristics had to resemble the south park cast, such as: big heads, big eyes, small bodies & most of their features are made of shapes. Above are a couple of samples of the students projects, Spring 2020.