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Los Angeles Unified School District has announced that EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY all athletic contests and practices are being cancelled until further notice.  Due to the COVID-19 the District is taking all necessary precautions for the safety and health of our students and staff.  We are very sorry for this unfortunate situation, and if the status of athletics changes we will share all updates.
Democrat Boys Tennis Schedule Spring 2020


Date Time Opponent  Game Type 
2/20/20 02:30PM @Garfield Non-League
2/27/20 02:30PM South Gate Non-League
3/2/20 02:30PM @Franklin Non-League
3/9/20 02:45PM @Larchmont Charter School League
3/11/20 02:45PM Manual Arts League
3/13/20 02:30PM @Fremont Non-League
3/16/20 02:45PM @Los Angeles League
3/23/20 02:45PM Santee EC League
3/25/20 02:45PM Larchmont Charter School League
3/30/20 02:45PM @Manual Arts League
4/1/20 02:45PM Los Angeles League
4/13/20 02:30PM @Crenshaw Non-League
4/15/20 02:45PM @Santee EC League


For up to date scores click here

Democrat Girls Tennis Schedule Fall 2019

Date Time Level Opponent  Game Type 
9/4/19 02:30PM Varsity Los Angeles League
9/6/19 02:30PM Varsity @Santee EC League
9/10/19 02:30PM Varsity @Fremont League
9/12/19 02:30PM Varsity Crenshaw League
9/16/19 02:30PM Varsity Manual Arts League
9/24/19 02:30PM Varsity Dorsey League
9/26/19 02:30PM Varsity @Los Angeles League
10/1/19 02:30PM Varsity Santee EC League
10/3/19 02:30PM Varsity Fremont League
10/8/19 02:30PM Varsity Crenshaw League
10/14/19 02:30PM Varsity Manual Arts League
10/17/19 02:30PM Varsity @Dorsey League
Var Tennis Team IMG-2529.jpeg