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Volleyball   Coach              Ms. Morales


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Democrat Boys Varsity Volleyball Schedule 2020


Date Time Opponent  Game Type 
2/26/20 04:00PM Contreras LC Non-League
2/27/20 04:00PM @Bernstein Non-League
3/2/20 04:00PM Franklin Non-League
3/4/20 04:00PM Santee EC League
3/9/20 04:00PM @Diego Rivera League
3/11/20 04:00PM West Adams Prep League
3/13/20 04:00PM Fremont Non-League
3/16/20 04:00PM @Maya Angelou League
3/18/20 04:00PM Manual Arts League
3/23/20 04:00PM @Math and Science College Preparatory League
3/25/20 04:00PM Los Angeles League
3/30/20 04:00PM @Santee EC League
4/1/20 04:00PM Diego Rivera League
4/13/20 04:00PM @West Adams Prep League
4/15/20 04:00PM Maya Angelou League
4/20/20 04:00PM @Manual Arts League
4/22/20 04:00PM Math and Science College Preparatory League
4/27/20 04:00PM @Los Angeles League

Democrat Girls Varsity Volleyball Schedule and Scores Fall 2019

Date Time Level Opponent  Game Type 
9/5/19 04:00PM Varsity @Los Angeles League
9/9/19 04:00PM Varsity @Manual Arts League
9/11/19 04:00PM Varsity West Adams Prep League
9/16/19 04:00PM Varsity Maya Angelou League
9/23/19 04:00PM Varsity Santee EC League
9/25/19 04:00PM Varsity @Diego Rivera League
10/1/19 04:00PM Varsity @West Adams Prep League
10/3/19 04:00PM Varsity Los Angeles League
10/7/19 04:00PM Varsity Manual Arts League
10/10/19 04:00PM Varsity @Maya Angelou League
10/16/19 07:00PM Varsity @Santee EC League
10/21/19 04:00PM Varsity Diego Rivera League
Var Volley IMG_06781[1].jpg
JV Volleyball straight IMG_06521[3].jpg